Discover….Ilanio (Deva: Alpha)

Deva: Alpha was a series of five live performances blending dance, performance art, music, and concept fashion. The goal of the project was to explore a hypothetical fashion language, one unencumbered by the historical functions and cultural signifiers of fashion as we know it. The peformances were highly improvisational, with a distinct theme for each one, along with distinct live musicians and choreography. Deva: Alpha took place over three days, and was performed in San Francisco.

Dancers: Ronnie Baker, Christina Braun. Models: Kaleah Dawn, Wenchi, Holly Lucination. Musicians: SpacEKrafT (Kurt Stenzel, Ed Dahl, Morgan Womble-Dahl); Jai Young Kim and special guest Julie Baldridge; Opaque (Ed Dahl, Dave Gresalfi, and special guest David Samas); Pet the Tiger (David Samas, Tania Chen, Tom Nunn) Criblife Choral Ensemble (Eenor Wildeboar, Jane Wiedlin, Zach Silver, Scott Johnson, Ed Dahl, Morgan Womble-Dahl). Event design: Ed Dahl / After Science, Joel Zavalla. Makeup: Olivia London. Photos: Warren DiFranco of After 5 Media. Video: Ian Albert, Josh Howell.

Videos:      (share via YouTube)

6:41 compilation video
Full-length performance videos:

Performance 1: Nemesis (Dec. 12, 8pm)
Performance 2: New Universe (Dec. 13, 6pm)
Performance 3: Parmenides (Dec. 13, 8pm)
Performance 4: Wheel of Life (Dec. 14, 6pm)
Performance 5: What Do You See (Dec. 14, 8pm)

Photos:     (view all as slideshow)

(All photos by Warren DiFranco / After 5 Media)